One Leg Is Shorter After Hip Replacement Surgery What Do I Do?

One Leg Is Shorter After Hip Replacement Surgery What Do I Do?

Leg Length DiscrepancyHip replacement surgery is far from a simple or painless procedure. The ideal outcome is if a competent surgeon used appropriately sized components correctly to recreate the precise way the patient’s original hip was positioned.

Naturally, imprecision can cause complications. The surgeon may end up using a hip replacement that is not sized correctly which can make one leg longer than the other leading to a lifelong limp and pain. It can also lead to a hip that has poor rotational control. If you are suffering from either of those conditions, you should hire a medical malpractice attorney and sue for damages.

What You Should Do To Bring a Medical Malpractice Claim For Hip Replacement Surgery

Bear in mind that in order to gain maximum compensation, you need to prove that the acting surgeon was negligent during your hip replacement surgery. If you are recovering or are in pain because of his/her attempts, ask your lawyer to gather all of your medical records relating to the treatment.

The documents will allow your legal team to determine why the surgeon made the decision or recommended the surgery. Using those answers, they will hire a medical expert as an expert witness to examine and read your records and provide an opinion stating whether he/she was negligent or not. If it’s a yes, your medical malpractice attorney can go ahead with the lawsuit with a guaranteed win.

Besides your medical records, some of the things that the expert witness will consider include the following:

  • Medical findings of the doctor.
  • Your condition pre-surgery.
  • What medical textbooks say about your surgery.
  • Your complaints.
  • What risks and benefits of the surgery the doctor told you about before the procedure along with common complications.

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There is a reason why “leg length discrepancy after my hip replacement” is one of the top Google searches. The condition is common post-surgery even if you have the best surgeon. However, a stellar reputation should not mean that their medical negligence is ignored. You are the one suffering from it, not them. In some cases, the pain can last a lifetime which can compromise your ability to get or keep a job long-term.

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