Motorcycle Misfortune


Every year, more than 5,000 people are killed and thousands more are injured due to motorcycle accidents which are on the rise according to the US Department of Transportation – 416,000 in 2010.

The increased numbers of motorcycle accident-related injuries and deaths are attributed to these obvious, and not-so-obvious, reasons.

1. Increased sales of motorcycles

With the high cost of fuel, commuters are looking for ways to save money at the pump and the sale of brand new motorcycles has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, many of the new owners are first-time riders with little, or no, experience, which has significantly contributed to the increase in accidents.

2. New powerful models

To increase sales, motorcycle manufacturers are creating new engines that are built for speed and the consumers seem to love them. People buy the latest motorcycle model with the most powerful engine that can go far faster than any public road allows. Along with the above statistic, this is a recipe for disaster.

3. The young and the old

According to motorcycle safety statistics, the majority of motorcycle owners are either in their teen years or above 50 years old. The teen motorcyclists overestimate their skills and abilities, while the older drivers may have slower reflexes and response times.

4. More distractions

With more technologies available for all motorists, the distraction of both motorcyclists and automobile drivers has increased dramatically since their introduction to the mass markets in the 1980s. Every year there are more and more devices vying for the attention of drivers.

5. Complacency in safety features

According to the Peltzman effect theory, people tend to react to safety regulation by increasing other risky behavior. For example, the recently passed helmet law may actually give motorcyclists a false sense of security that can cause a driver to engage in other risky behaviors such as speeding.

Getting Help

Despite the above reasons, the leading causes of motorcycle accidents are still the negligence of car drivers who do not respect the presence of motorcyclists on the road.

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