Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle Accidents and Fatalities In Illinois

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No one has to tell you that motorcycles are dangerous. Motorcycle accidents and fatalities have been on the rise in Illinois, and throughout the country, in recent years. As you can see from the table below, which was taken from the 63-page article written by the National Highway Safety Administration (NTSB) entitled “Recent Trends in Fatal Motorcycle Crashes”, motorcycle ownership used to be predominately younger. However, motorcycle ownership, and therefore motorcycle accidents, are increasingly moving to middle age individuals. As of 2003, the median age for ownership of a motorcycle was 41 years of age.

Motorcycles vs. car crashes are extremely dangerous to motorcyclists. The chart below shows the trend in motorcycle fatalities is up nationwide with the fatality rate per 100,000 approaching 70 as of 2004. Most every rider understands the risks he takes each time he gets on a motorcycle. It appears that the National Highway Safety Administration keeps track of a variety of statistics including the causes of motorcycle accidents, what constitutes a motorcycle accident, the types of injuries in a motorcycle accident, as well as the number of fatalities.

The NTSB often focuses on safety equipment and not on the cause of motorcycle accidents. These are things some riders don’t know:

  • If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, it is extremely important that you contact an attorney immediately who is experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases.
  • In Illinois, motorcycle accidents account for over 7% of all fatalities on the road.
  • In Illinois in 2010, there were 130 fatalities involving motorcyclists including operators and passengers and one non-motorcyclist.
  • The motorcycle fatalities in 2010 accounted for over 14% of all motor vehicle fatalities. This is compared to the fact that motorcycles only account for 3% to 4% of all vehicle miles driven on the road.
  • In 2010 in Illinois, motorcycle registrations increased by 74%.
  • The 2010 fatality rate is a 27% increase from 1999.
  • Since 1999, motorcyclists over age 45 experienced the greatest increase of fatalities in any age group. The greatest increase was in 2002 when motorcyclists over the age of 45 saw a 37% increase in fatalities.
  • Of the fatalities of 2010, only two were wearing a helmet.
  • A motorcycle accident is defined as an accident involving a motorcycle, motor scooter, motorbikes, or mopeds.
  • Motorcycle fatalities generally occur between 6:00 p.m. on Friday through 12:00 midnight on Sunday.
  • Nearly 70% of fatalities occurred during those hours.
  • 40% of the motorcycle fatalities in 2010 involved motorcyclists who had been consuming alcohol.

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