Long Commute? Be Wary of Others Sharing the Road

Long Commute? Be Wary of Others Sharing the Road

The rankings for the worst cities to drive in have just been released, and Chicago ranks near the top, which is actually the bottom. According to a study conducted by a personal finance site, Chicago ranked 93rd out of a study of 100 of the country’s most populous cities for bad driving conditions.  While this study was meant to highlight how much is spent by the average commuter across 100 cities, it can also serve to remind motorists of the dangers they face each and every day they choose to travel by car.

Blame It On the Rain

As every commuter knows, a day can go from ‘on-time’ to gridlocked within mere minutes if there is some form of weather pattern wreaking havoc on the roadways.  What happens if a sudden rainstorm occurs, causing traffic to slow down, and the car behind you does not stop in time?  These types of accidents are very common, especially for commuters.  Considerations that a driver will face after an incident may include whether to stop and immediately survey the damage, pull to the side of the road, and what to do if the other driver chooses not to stop.

Be Commuter Conscious

Being conscious of your surroundings is essential for drivers who are involved in an accident while driving on a busy highway.  In order to limit the number of potentially costly mistakes made during the immediate moments following an incident, a driver must first assess the traffic around them.  If possible, the car should be slowed down gradually and not stopped immediately in the middle of the road as that could cause more damage.  Also, moving an accident to the side of the road, if possible, is almost always preferable to staying in the middle of traffic.  Hopefully at this point, all cars involved in the accident have moved to the side of the road.

Here, it is crucial for a driver who was hit by another motorist to assess the damage.  Conducting a walk-around of their car and the car that hit them can be the first step to making sure the truth is what controls the story moving forward.  Remember, the other driver will be thinking the same way and wanting to control the story that is told to police, insurance and a court if necessary, to try to mitigate the liability that he or she is facing.  Also, remember that your smartphone can be your best tool to collect evidence on the scene before the police arrive to make their report.  Take pictures of any and all damage to all vehicles involved in the accident, and save them in a safe place until all potential litigation is over, and liability is established.

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Need Help?

While the first call after a non-life threatening car accident is often to the police, it may be a good idea to have a good attorney on the phone as well.  Knowing what to do in the immediate moments after an accident can be the difference between recovering what you’re entitled to, and the liable party getting away.  If you need help following a car accident in Waukegan, call the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C. today.



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