Is the Nursing Home Neglecting Your Loved One? – The Red Flags to Watch for

Is the Nursing Home Neglecting Your Loved One? – The Red Flags to Watch for

Nursing Home Abuse LawyerAround 15,600 nursing homes operate in the US. Nearly, 1.4 million Americans live in these nursing homes. Nursing home neglect is one of the most common types of elder abuse. It includes more than neglecting and abandoning the elder. However, it is hard to explain whether your loved is under reliable caretaker surveillance or not. The prominent red flags can reveal the secret, even if your loved one is afraid to tell them to you.

Sudden Changes in Communication

In most of the nursing homes, surveillance cameras are used to keep a check on the admitted people. These cameras might also be installed in the meeting rooms, making your loved ones afraid to tell you about the neglect. However, sudden changes in the way they communicate with you, could be a red flag. These changes include sudden softness or harshness in their communication. The change may confuse you or you may think that your loved ones are behaving this way because they miss you.

What You Can Do?

However, this scenario should not be avoided. Arrange a separate meeting with your loved one and inquire about the treatment they receive in the nursing home. Take further action if the nursing home neglect is confirmed.

Poor Personal Hygiene

Hygiene and physical appearance of your loved ones is the key sign of nursing home neglect. Dirty clothes, poor sanitary conditions, rashes and itches on the body, messed hair, and other such signs represent poor personal hygiene. The nursing home may deceive you by preparing the loved one before your arrival.

What You Can Do?

If you suspect poor personal hygiene then pay a surprise visit to your loved one. If you confirm poor personal hygiene then you can sue the nursing home and shift your loved one to a reliable nursing home.

Physical Inabilities Due to Lack of Nutrition

Around 20% of the nursing homes have some kind of poor nutrition services. Malnutrition causes health problems like digestive disorders. The long-term effect of malnutrition is very serious. It reduces the natural immunity of the person and makes them vulnerable to millions of germs and bacteria, that attack human body every day. It also leads to physical inabilities like inability to hold an object strongly, inability to maintain grip, shaky walk, loss of concentration, and more.

What You Can Do?

The nursing homes cannot hide malnutrition from you. Compare the condition of your loved one at the time of admission and now. If there is difference then check the nutritional services of the nursing home. Nutritional nursing home neglect can be sued under certain conditions. The first step you need to do in this regard is to shift your loved to a better and reliable nursing home.

Psychological issues like unexpected expressions and responses, unhealthy desires, and sudden development of phobias also symbolize nursing home neglect. Furthermore, unexplainable injuries reveal physical abuse on your loved ones. Hire an attorney to seek your legal options in this regard.

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