In Which Type of Vehicle am I Most Likely to be Injured in a Collision?

In Which Type of Vehicle am I Most Likely to be Injured in a Collision?

The road is home to a variety of vehicle types. Passenger cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, commercial trucks, motorcycles and in some cases, even bicycles are found on the same roadway, obeying the same traffic rules. Each type of vehicle has different capabilities and risks for its driver and inhabitants. Because of this, each type of vehicle has unique auto accident statistics.

So which type of vehicle is the safest to drive? Although many drivers and passengers claim they feel “most safe” in sport utility vehicles, SUVs actually have the highest passenger fatality rate in rollover crashes. A rollover crash is a collision that causes a vehicle to roll over, often causing the roof to crush in and kill or injure the vehicle’s occupants. Rollovers are the most deadly type of vehicle collision, accounting for one third of vehicle crash fatalities in 2010. The percentage of SUV occupants who died in rollovers was the highest of all vehicle types at 57 percent, according to Insurance Information Institute. This was followed by pickup trucks at 47 percent, vans at 30 percent, and passenger cars at 23 percent.

Know your Vehicle Type to Protect yourself from an Accident

A vehicle’s center of mass is what makes it more of less susceptible to a rollover. This is why SUVs are at such a high risk of rollover: their high suspension height paired with their tall road clearance puts them at an especially high risk of rolling over. Cars that ride lower to the ground are at a lower risk of rollover.

No matter what you drive, think about the risks involved with your vehicle type and drive with these risks in mind to reduce your chance of being involved in an accident and, if you are in an accident, to reduce your chance of being injured. If you drive an SUV, do not overload items on the roof. Another type of vehicle that is especially susceptible to injury-causing and fatal accidents is motorcycles. This is because they lack the protective chassis that other vehicles provide. If you ride a motorcycle, always wear a helmet and other protective gear, such as long sleeves, long pants, and shoes that fully cover your feet and ankles.

When sharing the road with other vehicle types, be mindful of their needs. For example, tractor trailers need more space to come to a complete stop than smaller vehicles need. Be sure to give these trucks the space they need to avoid a collision with one.

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