If Workers’ Comp Is Delayed, Do I Get Paid Retroactively?

If Workers’ Comp Is Delayed, Do I Get Paid Retroactively?

Workers in Waukegan and other localities in Illinois are entitled to workers’ comp benefits to cover injuries they sustain at work. For instance, if you are eligible for Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits, you get payments that are two-thirds of your average weekly wage. If payments are delayed, and you live from one paycheck to the next, the stress can worsen your condition. Unless they deny your request for workers’ comp benefits, they must make those payments as per schedule. The good news is that with help from Waukegan workers’ comp lawyers, you can get paid retroactively.

Penalties for Late Workers’ Compensation Payments

As per Illinois law, the insurance company and your employer can incur stiff penalties if they cannot provide a legitimate reason for the payment delays. The first thing you need to do is send a written demand letter for the benefits. The payer has 14 days to respond with the reason behind the delay. If you do not receive a response, or the one you get does not adequately explain the reason behind the delay, you may get $30 per day as compensation from the Commission. You will receive this additional amount till the benefits are paid. Experienced and knowledgeable Waukegan workers’ comp lawyers can file the request for you and a motion for a penalty claim hearing.

What You Can Expect During a Penalty Hearing

A penalty hearing for workers’ comp payment delays is held in the presence of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. During the hearing, your lawyer will present evidence to strengthen your claim. This includes a previous compensation check or even an envelope with a postage stamp. Once the hearing is over, the Commission will evaluate the penalty to determine if the amount should be awarded. If the payer (the insurance company or your employer) refuses to compensate for the payment delays and rejects the penalty, they can face further action.

Why You Should Hire Waukegan Workers’ Comp Lawyers

There is only so much you can do against powerful insurance companies if you don’t have solid legal backing. But with knowledgeable and committed Waukegan workers’ comp lawyers in your corner, you can ensure your demand for timely payments is taken seriously. They can provide you with legal recourse if the payer delays payments or refuses to pay unjustly. Insurance companies get rich because of the red tape that blocks policyholders from the full benefits they have already paid for. They pay as little as possible and pocket the rest. By filing for penalties, you can punish them and motivate them to pay you extra for damages you incurred because of the delays.

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