How To Scare The Insurance Adjuster And Get Workers’ Comp You Deserve

How To Scare The Insurance Adjuster And Get Workers’ Comp You Deserve

The insurance adjuster plays a vital role in any workers’ compensation case. When dealing with the insurance adjuster on your case, it may help to keep the points below in mind so you can get the settlement you deserve. If you were in a workplace accident with injuries, the Cook County workers’ comp attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens could maximize your claim benefits.

Understand What The Insurance Adjuster Does

The first way to scare the workers’ comp insurance adjuster is to understand their work. The main job of the adjuster is to determine what they should pay you for your injuries. However, they work for the insurance company, and the less money they pay you, the better for their bottom line.

So, do not be surprised if the adjuster tries to pay you less for your workplace injury than you deserve. One of the reasons many injured parties contact an attorney is to get more benefits for their claim. When they understand that a skilled workers’ comp attorney represents you, they could be more likely to offer more compensation. Having a good attorney in your corner is an excellent way to scare the insurance adjuster, so use that to your advantage.

Provide Them With All The Information They Request

The insurance adjuster wants to see as much as possible about your injuries. So, ensure you complete all of the injury forms your employer requires. They may irritate them and make them harder to work with. When you provide all the information needed to your claims adjuster, they understand you are on top of your claim.

Do Not Negotiate Without Your Attorney

Another effective way to scare the insurance adjuster and get a better result is to let your attorney handle all negotiations. Keep in mind that the adjuster rarely has your best interests at heart. They want to settle your claim for less money, and if you negotiate with them, they will probably feel they can take advantage of you. Your attorney is an experienced workers’ comp negotiator and can better handle compensation discussions with the insurance company.

Do Not Provide Them With A Recorded Statement

If the insurance adjuster wants a recorded statement, providing it is rarely a good idea. If you show them that you will not allow them to record you, it can intimidate them and let them know they are dealing with someone who cannot be bullied.

The insurance adjuster is not your friend, and as an injured worker, you want to do everything possible to get more money for your medical expenses and lost earnings. Remember these guidelines and talk to an attorney if you need legal assistance.

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