How to Prepare Your Car to Help Prevent Winter Auto Accidents

How to Prepare Your Car to Help Prevent Winter Auto Accidents

Your car will perform differently during the winter. Winter car accidents increase tenfold as temperatures drop and snow/ice buildup on the roads. Drivers have a duty of care to drive safely on these roads, so you should hire Woodstock car accident lawyers after an accident.

How to Winterize a Car to Prevent Accidents

To prevent your car from skidding, rolling over, sliding, or crashing into other vehicles on the road during winter, winterize it using these tips:

Clean the battery terminals

Battery terminals and posts can accumulate corrosion. With time, the buildup prevents the battery from charging, making your car stall. You can prevent this from happening by clearing the corrosion. First, disconnect the negative and then the positive cable from the battery. Clean the posts using a cleaning tool or brush, and then clean the terminals using the same equipment. Make sure you really get in there. Acid and grease residue can do a number on a car’s battery. Use a paper towel if you have to. Once clean-up is done, place the positive and negative cables back into the battery.

Add lube to the window tracks

The cold can freeze your windows shut, and melting snow can also create drag as you open them. This can damage the regulator cables, which are not cheap to replace. Plus, stuck windows are the last thing you need when your car stalls in a winter storm. Prevent this by lubricating the window tracks using dry Teflon or spray silicone lubricant. Application is easy. Just lower the window and spray into the track. Lower and raise the window multiple times, so the lube spreads evenly across the tracks. Clean up the glass if there are any smears on it. Repeat for the other windows.

Check tire tread

Worn tire treads cannot create sufficient friction on the road to prevent your car from skidding if it hits black ice. To prevent winter car accidents, check your tires for tread wear. They should also be rotated each time the oil is changed. Check the tread using a penny. Just place it in the tire’s groove, making sure that Lincoln’s head is facing you. His head should not be visible when you put it on the tread. If it is, the tread has worn off significantly, and the tires should be replaced.

Replace the wiper blades with winterized ones

Typical wiper blades can collect snow, so they cannot clear your windshield properly. Winter wiper blades are designed to prevent this from happening. The whole blade is covered with a rubber case that deflects snow and ice, so it doesn’t stick. Just snap these winter wiper blades in place of your old ones, and you won’t have to pull over to clear your windshield.

Replace the air filter

A clogged cabin air filter can compromise the airflow in your vehicle via your heater. With time, it can strain the blower motor and make its resistor overheat. Replace the air filter before the winter to prevent this. You can get it from any auto parts store. Just ensure that the one you get is correctly oriented to your vehicle. Some models have a specific airflow direction.

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