How To Avoid Common Work-Related Injuries

How To Avoid Common Work-Related Injuries

workers compensation lawyer in AntiochWorkplace accidents are all too common and can cause major issues, especially for employees. Injured team members can spend months recuperating and lose out on precious job opportunities. While workplace compensation can help them during this difficult time, employers can do their part by reducing common work-related injuries using the tips mentioned below:

1. Ensure Workspaces Are Clean

A tidy workplace is an injury-free workplace. A cluttered and unclean area is prone to dangerous hazards. Loose wires can make people trip, stacked boxes can fall on unsuspecting individuals and faulty wiring can lead to a fire that can spread fast in clutter.

Whether the workplace is a manufacturing warehouse or an office cubicle, a clean and organized environment can reduce the chances of accidents tenfold.

2. Implement A Workplace Injury Prevention Program

The best way to ensure that employees don’t get injured in the workplace is via a proper workplace prevention program. The program can train employees to be aware of hazards so that they can prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

A typical workplace injury prevention program should contain the following:

  • Worker participation.
  • Management leadership.
  • Hazard identification and evaluation.
  • Education and training.
  • Hazard prevention and control.
  • Training and education.

If properly implemented and maintained, the program will encourage employees to report hazards and respond to them proactively if need be. It will also reduce workers’ compensation claims.

3. Prevent Workplace Violence

Employees who cannot control their temper can get into fights in the workplace, which can lead to serious injuries. These can be prevented if said employees are screened out during the hiring process. However, some may slip through the cracks and make the workplace hazardous for others.

Employers can still prevent injuries by educating employees on warning signs that an individual may become violent:

  • An emotional reaction to setbacks and criticism.
  • A serious dip in job performance.
  • Inability to resolve conflicts.
  • Unreasonable demands.
  • Verbal threats and/or inappropriate comments.
  • Company policy violations.
  • Bullying or intimidating behavior.

Once a violent employee is identified, employers should take steps to help them and protect the team from them. Start by documenting their interaction with employees and seek advice from Human Resources for the best steps moving forward.

What To Do If An Employer Delays Or Refuses Compensation

Unfortunately, while the aforementioned tips on how to avoid common work related injuries can work, some accidents are unavoidable. For those circumstances, employees should have adequate workers’ compensation coverage so that they don’t have to worry about expenses such as medical bills. However, if injured employees are denied worker’s compensation, they have the right to sue.

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