How Severe Must Back Injuries Be For Personal Injury Compensation?

How Severe Must Back Injuries Be For Personal Injury Compensation?

Back InjuriesIrrespective of their severity, back injuries can be quite painful and can last for months, if not years. These can occur in almost any work environment. The symptoms can range from mild to chronic pain that can make your job extremely difficult, if not impossible. This includes negligent parties who were at fault for your injury. So your back injury doesn’t have to be serious to be eligible for a personal injury claim.

If you are denied compensation from your employer, an Antioch spinal cord lawyer can ensure you can recover damages.

Types of Back Injuries You Can Claim As Personal Injuries

Some of the common types of back injuries that you can file a claim for include the following:

Back Injuries Resulting From Twisting, Lowering, and Lifting

Lifting and lowering heavy objects can strain your back. With time, the sprain can turn into a serious injury. If you do this regularly and feel a sharp pain in your back every time you twist, you should get yourself checked out.

Back Injuries from Prolonged Standing or Sitting

If you type for hours every day or have a job where you stand for the whole day, your back is suffering. If you wear a heavy tool belt all day, you can injure your back seriously unless your employer is proactive enough to prevent it. Since your work can result in injuries, your boss is responsible for your safety.

Spinal Fractures from Falls or Accidents

Spinal fractures and injuries are common on construction sites that do not take safety seriously. These injuries can prove life-threatening or can lead to permanent paralysis.

Herniated disc

The jelly-like fluid between the discs of our spinal cord prevents them from rubbing against one another. With time and repetitive work (such as typing for hours), the fluid can escape its confines because of a rupture. The result is severe back pain which can prevent you from working and maintaining the quality of life you are used to.

Anterior Cord Syndrome

ACS is a serious spinal cord injury that can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis. The condition compromises the sensory pathways that connect the spinal cord to your body. Besides mobility loss, you can also experience other complicated symptoms.

A Chicago spinal cord lawyer will tell you that you need to prove that your back injury is work-related to be eligible for compensation. If it occurred because of something you were doing for your employer, you should not pay out of pocket for your medical bills. Whether the injury occurred on the worksite or off, you are eligible if it occurred because of work.

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