How Safety Equipment Prevents Serious Injury In A Bicycle Accident

How Safety Equipment Prevents Serious Injury In A Bicycle Accident

Riding a bike is a healthy activity, but cyclists are entirely exposed to the road and motor vehicles, so serious accidents are common. However, with the safety equipment mentioned in this article, you can avoid many bicycle accidents and injuries. But if you were in a bike accident caused by someone else, our Palatine bicycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., can help today.

Bike Mirror

A high-quality bicycle mirror is one of a biker’s most critical safety features. Having a mirror mounted on your handlebars or helmet can allow you to see what is behind you more easily without taking your eyes off the road. There are also sunglasses available that have a mirror on the inside.

Seeing what is behind you on your bike easily helps you avoid trouble. For example, some motorists may get too close to you on your bike, and seeing them in the mirror can help you move to safety.


You should always have a DOT-approved biking helmet when riding your bike. If you are in an accident that damages the helmet, it should be replaced before you take another ride. Your helmet can prevent serious head injuries, so never leave home without it.

Reflective Gear

Staying safe on your bike is often about being visible to motorists; many severe accidents in Palatine happen because the motorist does not see the biker. So, whether you get a florescent jacket or jersey, a bright-colored helmet, or a vest with reflectors, all of these things will increase the chances that motorists will see you on the road.

Tire Pump And Tubes

A flat tire is one of a cyclist’s most common road mishaps. They tend to happen in places that are far from help. If you are out more than a mile from home, you should have a pump and spare tubes to change your tire and return to safety.

Cell Phone And ID

While we do not get on your bikes with the idea of getting in an accident, if it happens, it will be a huge help to have your cell phone and ID. If an accident happens, you can call the police and take photos of the scene. Also, if you have a severe injury and are unconscious, it is essential that other parties can identify you, so always have your driver’s license with you.

Flashing Light On Front And Rear

Sometimes drivers will not see a biker even in the daytime who is wearing bright colors. This can be because of inattentional blindness, when people do not see an object in plain sight. A common issue with biking on the road is motorists are looking for other cars, not bikers.

However, if you have a bright, red flashing light on your bike’s front and rear, other drivers will likely see you. Therefore, it is essential to have flashing lights on your bike in low light in the mornings and evenings.

You will be better prepared for a biking accident with the items mentioned above. But if an accident occurs, call 911 right away and a personal injury attorney if you have injuries.

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