How Personal Injury Awards In Illinois Are Decided

How Personal Injury Awards In Illinois Are Decided

Personal InjuryAs a personal injury victim, you are entitled to an amount from the negligent party based on the extent of the damages you suffered. By “damages”, we mean measurable harm that you sustained because of a personal injury. These can vary from one case to another. An experienced Antioch personal injury lawyer can analyze the harm you suffered and calculate appropriate damages.

Common Personal Injury Damages You Can Claim 

Some of the common personal injury awards you can claim as per the extent and type of your injuries include the following:

Economic Damages 

As is apparent from the name, economic damages refer to financial losses you may suffer because of your injuries. Besides your medical bills, this includes wage loss as you find yourself unable to fulfill most, or all of your work duties post-accident. It can also include expenses that cover rehab and loss of earning capacity as you are forced to take on a less-taxing job if your disabilities are permanent. 

How it is calculated 

An Antioch personal injury lawyer can quickly and easily calculate economic rewards for personal injury settlements. They need to add up all of the financial losses you are going through. So, for example, if you have a $30,000 medical bill, spent $10,000 in rehab, and suffered income loss amounting to $10,000, the damages will total $50,000. 

Non-Economic Damages 

Non-economic damages refer to the harm you may undergo because of the accident. These are not quantifiable. Besides pain and suffering, this can also include emotional (depression, anxiety, and PTSD) and physical pain (headaches, nerve pain). 

How it is calculated 

Determining non-economic damages is not as straightforward as economic damages since they aren’t tangible. Placing a price on someone’s pain and suffering is a monumental task. In this case, a jury will decide how much it is worth, but they are given few guidelines to do so. Both parties usually recommend an amount, but the jury does not have to pick one side. An Antioch personal injury lawyer will consult with you before putting an amount forth. 

Punitive Damages 

Punitive damages are not meant to compensate victims but to punish the defendant for highly egregious behavior. The funds from these damages are usually paid to the state, not the victim. 

How it is calculated 

There is no cap as to the number of punitive damages that can be demanded in Illinois. They are eligible for any situation where a defendant exhibits intentional or extremely negligent actions that harmed the plaintiff. Calculating it falls to the court. 

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