How Electric Scooter Accidents Have Increased In Illinois

How Electric Scooter Accidents Have Increased In Illinois

From 2017 to 2018, there was a massive increase in electric scooter injuries and admissions. To reduce accidents, pollution, and traffic, Chicago introduced the eco-friendly mode of transport by launching a shared scooter program in 2019 and 2020, but it did little to curb the tide. While many were excited about it, the electric scooters were hazardous for riders, pedestrians, and other motorists. An Illinois personal injury attorney will tell you that there have been several serious injuries and even deaths because of these scooters. But their numbers have only increased in the streets. Since they are common on the streets, filing lawsuits against the companies that rent electric scooters has become the norm.

Why Electric Scooters Accidents Have Increased

Standing electric scooters don’t require docks and can be moved easily compared to larger bikes. These are easy to get around on and can reach speeds of up to 15 miles/hour. Rentals offer these scooters to customers with the benefit that they can leave them anywhere and don’t need to get screened to rent one. Plus, there is no training or supervision on how e-scooters are ridden, so accidents are common. When these were first introduced in 2019, many people complained that they were left on sidewalks presenting serious hazards to pedestrians and bicycle riders. While e-scooters are not allowed there, most people ignore those rules. In response, rental companies introduced geo-fencing technology, which detects when someone rides these scooters on sidewalks. In Chicago, companies are designing scooters that can be locked to poles. However, these bikes are also readily available for rent in bike lanes and don’t require skills or a special license to operate. You don’t even have to interact with a customer service rep. You can take one for a ride on a whim and whether you know how to ride one or not. An Illinois personal injury attorney believes that since there is a lack of accountability for e-scooter injuries in Illinois, victims may have to pay out of pocket to treat injuries and take care of damages. The mode of transportation will be reintroduced this year but with certain restrictions.

Taking Legal Action after an Electric Scooter Accident

Scooter accidents can take several forms – a rider may run over a pedestrian or ram into a bicyclist or another vehicle. The fault may or may not lie with them. In some cases, they may be victims of negligent truck drivers, speeding cars, drunk drivers or defective designs. If you were a victim for these reasons, you might be entitled to monetary compensation from the negligent parties.

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