How Do Illinois Dog Bite Laws Affect Compensation in My Personal Injury Case?

How Do Illinois Dog Bite Laws Affect Compensation in My Personal Injury Case?

dog biteIllinois is a strict liability state which means dog bite laws in Illinois protect victims of attacks. It means that if your dog bites someone, you will be held liable for the injuries they sustain. As per the Illinois Animal Control Act, it is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure their pet is secured in their property at all times. Plus, they also have to make sure their dog is leashed during walks.

Types of Damages You Can Get For Dog Bites in Illinois

Like most personal injury cases, dog bite laws are valued as per economic and non-economic damages such as the following:

Medical Bills

You can be compensated for all of the medical bills you had to pay the hospital that treated your wounds that resulted from the attack. This includes ER treatment and future medical aid such as reconstructive surgery (to fix your scarred body or face) or an injury that requires physical therapy. Since the dog owner was not able to keep their pet from attacking you, they have to pay all of those expenses.

Financial loss

If the dog attack resulted in injuries that made you bedridden or prevented you from doing your job, your dog bite lawyer in Lake County could also make a wage loss claim as part of your lawsuit against the owner. In this case, they can say that the injuries you sustained because of the dog owner’s negligence prevent you from making a living, so you should be compensated for it.

Pain and suffering

As per Illinois law, you can also receive compensation for the pain and suffering you went through because of the dog attack. This includes past, present, and future pain and suffering. The good news is that the court usually rejects caps on this type of compensation, so you can get almost all of the compensation you need to avoid financial ruin. An experienced dog bite lawyer in Lake County can ensure you get the maximum amount.


Most dog attacks result in deep and permanent scarring that can take a toll on the victim’s physical and mental health. Puncture wounds and nerve damage can take months to heal and thousands of dollars to treat surgically. Even reconstructive surgery may not be enough to reverse all of the damage. However, ensuring you get compensated from the guilty parties can go a long way in helping you heal financially and emotionally.

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