How a Lawyer Can Help You with Winter Sports Accidents

How a Lawyer Can Help You with Winter Sports Accidents

Personal Injury AttorneyWith the month of March bringing warmer sunnier days to the slopes, the peak season of skiing is upon us. Even though skiing is an amazing way to completely enjoy the outdoors in the winter months, so are all other winter sports. Most of these are inherently dangerous activities. One should be very careful and in control when on the slopes, lest you hurt someone gravely.

Earlier in the winter season, a high school student succumbed to injuries received due to a sledding incident that occurred at the Maine ski resort. The National Ski Patrol along with the National Ski Areas Association have collaborated to develop the ‘Your Responsibility Code’ for the safety of skiers.

Some Common Winter Sports Accidents can comprise of the following:

  • Falling from a chairlift
  • Collisions with external objects, for instance fences, barriers, signs, trees and debris
  • Collisions with other guests
  • Accidents due to failure of equipment
  • Accidents because of poor instructions by an expert instructor

Here is What the Law States about the Winter Sports Accidents:

The very first issue which victims of winter sports injuries might come across is what might be known as the “assumption of risk” principle. According to this principle, winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding have a serious risk of injuries to all the participants. Moving in a fast pace down the slippery hillside leads to a greater chance of injury irrespective of the circumstances.

On the other hand, the “assumption of risk” does not necessarily account for all the unknown factors or the numerous factors out of the norm. For example, a winter sport participant might have an idea that the resort is going to have numerous other guests who might have to be avoided when you ski down the slope. Nevertheless, they are not going to have any idea that a kid is going to sit down in the middle of the slope, leading to an unavoidable obstacle constituting grave injuries.

In this hypothetical example, parents of the child could be possibly held accountable for their neglectful behavior in jeopardizing a fellow guest. In other situations, the resort itself lets exposed rocks and/or roots lie along what ought to be a well maintained slope, leading to uncommon risks which the injury victim might not have been able to predict or assumed to be there.

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