Hand and Wrist Injuries Following a Car Crash

Hand and Wrist Injuries Following a Car Crash

Auto Accident AttorneyThe most common injuries caused by car accidents are injuries to the hand and the wrist, which are often a result from the force of the impact. In some cases, hand and wrist injuries can prove to be very serious and can severely impact a person’s day-to-day life.

Some fractures heal and realign; therefore, they may not need a surgical incision. Severe hand fractures are treated with surgical procedures, wires, plates and pins to secure bones that are fractured in multiple places. Physical therapy may be used to ensure a full recovery from wrist and hand injuries.

Types of Wrist and Hand Injuries

There are several types of hand and wrist injuries, which include the following:

Joint Dislocation:

A human hand contains multiple joints that are prone to dislocation after a car accident. Joint dislocation needs proper treatment. Without treatment, permanent damage can have a lasting effect on a person’s quality of life. If you feel the defendant was responsible for your hand and wrist injuries, you are entitled to compensation. Speak to a competent personal injury and auto accident attorney to discuss your case.


A car accident often results in fractures and broken bones in the wrist and hand. The most common injury from a car accident is a broken wrist or a scaphoid fracture, where the small bone in the wrist breaks. If you are partly responsible, then you as the plaintiff might be liable for contributory fault.

Ligament Injuries:

Injuries to the ligaments and tendons can have a severe impact on moving your hand and wrist, such as grabbing and lifting objects. Ligaments can be seriously injured in an automobile accident.

Puncture Wounds:

Debris from the vehicle involved in an accident can pierce the skin on a person’s wrists and hand, resulting in severe damage. In order to prevent infection, proper treatment is essential with punctured wounds.

Hand and wrist injuries are painful, as well as expensive, due to expensive medical bills, physical therapy charges and other procedures. If you are unable to work, you may also suffer loss of wages. In rare cases, a person’s ability to perform work may also be permanently impacted.

The signs and symptoms of hand and wrist injuries are often spontaneous and may include swelling, bruising and pain. Injuries like hand and wrist injuries are usually diagnosed with X-rays and treated the same way as orthopedic injuries – the bones are immobilized, set and given time to heal.

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