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12 Things You MUST Know About Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

An Essential Guide For Employees Who Have Been Injured On The Job

Worker Compensation Claim GuideAward-Winning Author and Attorney Bob Edens’ Book, “12 Things You MUST Know About Your Worker’s Compensation Claim,” is a Step-by-Step Guide for Anyone Who Has Been Injured on The Job

In 12 Things You MUST Know About Your Worker’s Compensation Claim™, Robert T. Edens “Bob” explains the ins and outs of the worker’s compensation claims process from the time of injury to the time of settlement or trial. Bob provides basic facts about:

  • The worker’s compensation claims process from start to finish;
  • Negotiating a settlement for a wide variety of injuries including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back strains, falls, vehicle accidents, etc.
  • Tips on how to deal with adjusters and avoiding the pitfalls and traps they hope you fall into;
  • Tips on how to determine the value of your injuries; and,
  • An overview of questions and legal issues that most worker’s compensation cases involve.

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    You may want to order this book if:

    • You want to find out if have a claim for injuries you’ve sustained at work;
    • You want to know who can be held responsible for injuries;
    • You want to learn how insurance companies review and value injury cases;
    • You want to know what types of injuries are compensable; and,
    • You want to know the tactics used by adjusters to reduce the value of your claim.

    This guide contains important information that will help the reader understand the worker’s compensation process. It covers a wide range of topics from dealing with the adjuster, valuing your case, and selecting the right attorney for your case. The information supplied in this book is essential to anyone wanting to ensure that they are being fairly compensated for their injuries.

    12 Things You MUST Know About Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

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    Rotator Cuff Injuries
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Meniscus Tear and Personal Injury Claims
    Dirty Little Tricks Worker’s Compensation Adjusters Use
    12 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Illinois Worker’s Compensation Case
    What To Expect During Your Illinois Worker’s Compensation Case
    Worker’s Compensation Eligible Benefits
    Worker’s Compensation Myths Exposed
    Twelve Things Every Injured Worker Should Know
    The Effects of Healthcare Reform on Illinois Workers Compensation Claims
    Job Safety Analysis

    About The Author

    For over 20 years Robert T. Edens “Bob” has devoted his career to representing the interests of individuals injured by no fault of their own. Bob believes that the best client is an educated client. With this in mind, he has completed three books which are written to educate the injured victim and help “level the playing field” with the all to often unscrupulous tactics of insurance companies. Bob’s mission is to provide his clients with the superior legal services often perceived to only be available at large downtown firms, while maintaining the personal service that is associated with small local law firms. Bob has been able to stand the test of years and now is proud to be able to give something back to the community that has given him and his family so much.

    It is important that you get the legal advice you need BEFORE you sign your rights away. Call Bob and get a FREE, honest, no-hassle evaluation of the value of your case. Call us at our TOLL-FREE number. The call is free, but the advice may be priceless.

    Notice of Disclaimer:

    This book, as well as the other books written by Robert T. Edens, are not intended to offer legal advice. The book is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to create an attorney-client relationship or to represent legal advice on any given topic. If you have specific questions about any case you may have, you should speak to a qualified attorney in your county and state. The author, Robert T Edens, is a licensed practicing attorney in good standing in the state of Illinois. The Illinois State Bar Association does not recognize or confer “Certifications” or “Board Certifications” to any attorney who may wish to specialize in any particular area of practice.

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