Essential Driving License Phases in Illinois

Essential Driving License Phases in Illinois

Personal Injury AttorneyIf you have lived in Illinois for a while, you know how bad the traffic can get – not just on the holidays or on snow days. Aggressive drivers are the norm in Chicago and so are accidents. However, the state also has strict licensing laws, which prevent potentially irresponsible drivers from getting behind the wheel.

This includes teenagers who might want to drive, but are likely to forget safety rules or underestimate hazardous situations. Fortunately, the licensing phases they must go through come with strict regulations, which can curb their excitement and make them responsible drivers. Here are the licensing phases your teenager will have to go through to get a valid driving license.

The Permit Phase

This 9-month long phase is for drivers who are 15. Their driving permit can be revoked if they violate these rules:

  • They must practice driving for at least 50 hours under the supervision of a parent or any adult who is older than 21 and has a driver’s license
  • They cannot text while driving or be charged with a DUI during the phase
  • They always must wear safety belts when they are driving – and this includes their passengers.
  • The number of passengers should not exceed one in the front seat.
  • They cannot use a cell phone while driving, except to make emergency calls.

Initial Licensing Phase

After completing the permit phase, drivers who are 16- to 17-years-old must pass the Initial Licensing Phase. This includes the same rules and regulations with a few changes such as:

  • They must maintain a pristine driving record for six (6) months before they turn 18. If they get a conviction during this phase, that restriction may get an extension.
  • For the first 12 months of this licensing phase or until the driver turns 18, the number of passengers they can have in their vehicles is limited to a single person who is younger than 20. The only exceptions include a sibling, a stepchild, or the child of the driver. Once this period has ended, the driver can have more than one passenger up front.

There are certain exemptions to these rules, which cover special circumstances.

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