Do I Need An Attorney To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Do I Need An Attorney To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

workers' compensation lawyer in AntiochAccidents are a common occurrence in the workplace. You can fall off a ladder and break your arm, trip over wires and sprain your ankle or get carpal tunnel after years of typing. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Antioch can ensure you get the compensation you deserve if your employer refuses to give it. This includes the money you lose in terms of lost wages and medical bills.

Why You Should Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In Antioch

This is important because while recovering disability and medical benefits post a workplace accident should be a straightforward process, it rarely is. While the reason for hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Antioch is to maximize your financial recovery, he/she can also help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter. These include the following:

Your Employer Refuses To Believe/Denies The Accident Happened

This can happen if you suffered a slight injury at work and did not report it and it got worse later. The employer or insurance carrier may deny that the original injury happened at work. This can also happen if long-term effects of exposure to a toxic substance at work result in disease.

Your Employer Delays The Claim

Once you report an injury at work, the company has to provide you the proper paperwork immediately, so that you can record your claim. They should also report it to the compensation board and file a claim with the insurance carrier. If your employer is dragging his/her feet in a bid to miss the deadline or even because of sheer laziness, a lawyer can step in and expedite the process.

You Suffered Permanent Disabilities That Compromise Your Work Performance

Insurance companies are more likely to contest these claims since they tend to be the most expensive. A worker’s compensation lawyer in Antioch will ensure you get the amount you deserve if not more.

The Insurance Company Refuses To Pay For a Treatment Your Doctor Recommended

If your injuries require you to get rehabilitation, those visits may be deemed unnecessary by the insurance company which is wrong. Your lawyer can ensure they don’t get away with it and those treatments are adequately covered.

Your Employer Retaliates Against You For Filing a Claim

If your employer fires or demotes you or reduces your hours/pay because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, a lawyer can ensure your legal rights are protected. You can even claim damages resulting from the discriminatory actions.

Your Injuries Were The Result Of Someone Else’s Actions Or Misconduct

The worker’s compensation system was designed to avoid civil lawsuits in case of workplace injuries. But you can also sue outside it in certain circumstances. For example, if say a negligent driver who does not work for the company hit your car while you were driving to work or your employer did, an experienced lawyer can explain how the law applies to these situations.

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