Dealing with Slip & Fall Accidents

Dealing with Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall AttorneySlip & Fall accidents are the most common reason for injuries and emergency visits to the hospitals. According to a survey held by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, falling or slipping injures more than a million people annually. Whereas, fifteen percent of the accidental deaths were also caused by slip & fall incidents. A vast majority of these incidents occur due to lack of safety precautions and subpar infrastructure in public and private workspaces. These injuries can cause minor injuries such as minor abrasions up to major injuries such as bone fractures or other injuries which could lead to permanent disabilities.

According to slip and fall lawyers, people are often unaware of their rights and how to deal with such accidents. Under the law, you are entitled to rightful compensation if your injury was caused due to the negligence of your employer or the owner of the property.

How to deal with slip and fall incidents

Once you have received medical treatment, you should consult a personal injury or a slip and fall lawyer. Using their experience and knowledge, a slip and fall lawyer will assess your case and let you know if you can hold your employer or the owner of the property liable. Essentially, slip and fall injuries fall into the category of personal injury claims. Each case varies from one another depending on the location where you slipped and fell. For instance, if you were injured at work, you could file a workers’ compensation claim.

Whereas, if you suffered a severe injury at a public place or a third person’s property, you could file a claim against them. By establishing premises liability, you can easily get compensated for your medical and emotional suffering. But in order to establish premises liability, you or your lawyer would be required to prove that your injury was caused due to the negligence of the property owner. Negligence could be reflected by lack of security signs or safe non-slippery floors. In order to prove negligence and link it directly to the injury sustained, you would require an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

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