Common Myths of Auto Accident Injury Cases

Common Myths of Auto Accident Injury Cases

Auto Accident AttorneyDid you know that nearly 1.3 million people die in car accidents each year? It goes without saying that people are usually unable to predict the outcome of an auto accident injury case. Thus, whether it is your or your relative’s past experience, one thing that is important to understand is that an auto accident lawyer takes on cases and are different from state to state. In addition, it is also surprising to know how different auto accident laws are when compared to other types of law in the country. Therefore, predicting outcomes of auto accident injury cases is impractical. Here, we have compiled a list of myths that are associated with this unique area of law:

Myth # 1: Auto injury laws are same across all states

This is not true. The reason is because insurance rates are different from state to state and are usually regulated by state run agencies. This is why you are required to buy liability insurance in some states, while other do not need it. Some states in the country have at-fault laws while other have no-fault laws. It all depends on where you are living. All these claims and factors play a crucial role in determining the outcome of an auto accident injury case including appeals, jury verdicts and offers.

Myth # 2: Collecting pain and suffering damages from being in pain

This myth was long associated with auto accident law as some states in the country require the accident victim to first pass before they plan to recover non-economic (pain and suffering) damages from the incident. Therefore, being in pain does not mean you are liable to collect damages or receive compensation beyond the ‘obvious’ economic damages including medical bills and lost wages. Some states have specific requirements and if you are looking to be eligible for non-economic damages, the victim should be suffering from any of the three types of injuries:

  1. Death

  2. Serious impairment of body function

  3. Permanent serious disfigurement

Myth # 3: Severe injuries lead to million dollar settlements

Many people believed that an auto accident lawyer can help them win million dollar settlements if they have severe injuries after the incident. However, this is not the case as there have been many instances where the case has been closed with zero compensation for people who had serious, life-altering injuries.

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