How Is The Amount For Workers’ Compensation Calculated In Illinois?

workers compensationAs a worker in Illinois, you are eligible for compensation for injuries or damages sustained during your work as per the Workers’ Compensation Act. The system is designed to ensure workers can get back to work as soon as possible without worrying about the losses they sustain from workplace accidents.

Disability Compensation Rate in Illinois

The compensation you receive will depend on your medical condition and the salary you earned pre injuries. An experienced Waukegan workers’ compensation attorney will ensure you get the maximum amount you deserve. Here are some factors that are taken into consideration for the calculation:

Scheduled Injury

You have a set number of weeks to receive compensation for certain injured body parts. Under the scheduled injury method, you can determine weekly compensation for injuries if you multiply 60 percent of the weekly wages you receive with the weeks assigned to particular injured body parts in the hyperlinked list.


So, for instance, if you injured your hand during work, and your average weekly pay is $500, that equals $300 per day. Multiply that figure with 205 weeks as mentioned in the list, and you are entitled to $102,500.

Loss of Percentage as a Whole

If injuries from the accident made you incapable of performing a key work task that you would otherwise be able to perform, compensation could be determined via the following formula:

Percentage of loss x 500 = number of weeks of compensation for the employee

So you have to multiply the number of weeks by 60 percent of your average weekly wage.

Wage Differential

If your injuries prevent you from gaining other employment for less pay, you may be entitled to two-thirds of the difference between the old and new job wages. However, this amount cannot be more than the State Average Weekly Wage.


If a work-related injury disfigured you, our Waukegan workers’ compensation attorney could help you get compensated for 162 weeks. You can work with your employer to determine this.


If a work-related accident results in a temporary total disability that prevents you from performing job tasks, you are eligible for compensation on the fourth working day of said disability. In this case, you should receive compensation for the duration of your ailment, and if it lasts for more than 14 days, compensation should be calculated from the day of the accident.

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