Avoid Bicycle Accidents With These Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycle AccidentHow To Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Bike riding is an exciting and exhilarating way to remain fit, not to mention eco-friendly. However, if you prefer to ride yours everywhere, bear in mind that you are exposed to more than just the elements. Each year, about 2% of motor vehicle crashes that result in death involve bicyclists.

Top Bicycle Safety Tips

Don’t become part of that statistic! Here are some bicycle safety tips that can make this beloved hobby safer for you whether you are in traffic or in the park:

Choose the Right Sized Bike

Make sure that your bike is neither too big nor too small for you. In either case, it will limit your ability to handle and control it which can lead to an accident. Check out the manufacturer’s sizing chart to determine the correct size for yourself according to your height.

Choose a Well-Fitting Helmet

Get a helmet that is new and fits you perfectly. The rim should sit level on your head and should be about two-finger width above your eyebrows, not right on top of them. Plus, the straps should fit snugly under your ears in a V formation. When buckled, it should be loose enough to allow two fingers underneath to prevent you from choking.

Never Head out Empty-Handed

make sure that you always have your cell phone, your ID, and some money with you when you head out. Bicycle accidents are unpredictable and will almost always catch you unawares. Your ID will also let emergency responders know who you are in case you are incapacitated. Additionally, you can call 911 or your family quickly to come to your aid. Plus, if you need a ride because of a busted tire, you will have the money to call an Uber or catch the bus.

If you are caught in an accident while you are on your bike and the driver of the car was at fault, he/she is liable for damages. However, if their insurance company refuses to pay for your medical costs and property damage or tries to reduce your claim, you need experienced bicycle accident lawyers from the Law Offices of Robert T. Edens in your corner.

Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance companies are notorious for placing blame on victims and cyclists at the top of their list. We can ensure you get the max compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us for a free consultation in our offices in Chicago, Libertyville, Waukegan, Woodstock, and Antioch, IL.