Woman Run Down in Crosswalk

Woman Run Down in Crosswalk

Verdict: $300,000.00

Date: January 2011

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. Nishitkumar Patel (Orthopedist), Dr. Ryan Sullivan (Trauma Surgeon) and Dr. Patricia Hantsch (Rehab/Physical Medicine)

Summary: Retiree Plaintiff was crossing the street, in the crosswalk, when she was struck by Defendant’s vehicle. Plaintiff sustained a fractured left femur requiring open reduction and hardware, fractures of the left radius and ulna at the elbow requiring open reduction with hardware, multiple pelvis fractures, nasal bone fracture, multiple rib fractures, and a cerebral concussion with mild brain injury. Plaintiff suffers from a noticeable limp, walks with a cane, and has limited use of her left hand and fingers, including inability to grasp objects. Defendant admitted Plaintiff was in the crosswalk but that she should have maintained a better lookout before stepping off the curb. Phone records indicated that Defendant was on his cell phone at or about the time of the accident.

Category: Arm Injuries, Fractures, Tears, and Dislocations, Pedestrian Accidents, Severe Head Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries

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