Truck Backs Into Car In Menards Lumber Yard

Truck Backs Into Car In Menards Lumber Yard

Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: August 2010

County: Lake

PLTF Medical: Dr. John Hefferon (Orthopedist)

DEF Experts: Dr. William R. Dobozi (Orthopedist)

Summary: Defendant was a contractor who delivered materials for Menards. He noticed that his truck was loaded with the wrong materials. Defendant asserted that the guard at the gate in the Menard’s lumber yard told him it was okay to back up. Defendant backed up into Plaintiff’s. Plaintiff claimed that the impact caused him to aggravate pre-existing arthritis in his right knee necessitating total knee replacement surgery. Defendant asserted that it was a low impact collision and caused no injuries to the Plaintiff.

Category: Car Accidents, Knee Injuries, Repair and Replacement, Trucking Accident

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