SUV Hit By Truck-Award $675,000

SUV Hit By Truck-Award $675,000

Verdict: $675,000

Date: December 2010

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. Mark Cirella (Pain Management) DEF Medical: Dr. Louis Allocco

PLTF Experts: Dr. Joseph Wu (Neuropsychiatrist), Dr. Michael Gelbort, Ph.D. (Neuropsychologist), David Gibson (Vocational Economics Analyst), Michael Rogers (Mechanical Engineer) and Kerry Nelson (Trucking Safety)

Summary: Plaintiff was rear-ended by Defendant at a speed in excess of 33 mph. The impact pushed Plaintiff’s car forward 5 feet into the rear of a pickup truck causing Plaintiff’s air bags to deploy and the head rest to break off from her driver’s seat. Plaintiff sustained neck and back injuries requiring treatment for 1.5 years and epidural injections to her cervical spine. Plaintiff claimed a traumatic brain injury with memory loss, fatigue, and attention/concentration difficulties. Plaintiff’s experts opined that Plaintiff was at an increased risk to suffer depression and/or dementia as a result of her brain injury.

Category: Car Accidents, Cervical Spine/Neck Injuries, Low Back Injuries, Mid Back Injuries, Psychiatric Injuries, Psychological Injuries, Severe Head Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries

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