Plaintiffs Injured In Crash In Parking Lot

Plaintiffs Injured In Crash In Parking Lot

Verdict: $19,314

Date: December 2010

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. Bruce Montella (Orthopedist)

Summary: Magdalena, her mother, Ewa, and her 3 week old daughter, Caroline, where in a parking lot when their vehicle was struck on the rear passenger side door by the Defendant. Magdalena claimed a herniated disc and compression fracture with permanent flare-ups of back pain. Ewa suffered back pain and bruises. Plaintiffs contend that the Defendant tried to flee the scene. The defense contended that the Defendant was just moving his car out of the way and contested the nature and extent of the injuries.

Category: Car Accidents, Low Back Injuries, Mid Back Injuries

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