Pit Bull Dog Bite in Lake Villa Illinois

Pit Bull Dog Bite in Lake Villa Illinois

Man's best friend can sometimes be a worst enemy when they decide to bite.

Man’s best friend can sometimes be a worst enemy when they decide to bite. If you have been bitten by a dog call for a FREE, no obligation, case evaluation. 847-395-2200

Lake Villa Dog Bite Victim Forced to Go to Trial After Dog Owner Refuses to Pay for Medical Bills

When Bob’s client was bitten in the face by his close friend’s dog he required more than just the stitches he received.  He needed the assistance of an experienced dog bite attorney.

Being betrayed by a once trusted animal can come as a shock to a dog bite recipient but when the owner of the dog, and someone you regard as a good friend, betrays you by not only trying to blame you for antagonizing the dog and causing your own injuries but additionally refusing to acknowledge that they actually own the dog, then it is like adding insult to injury. This is just the scenario Bob’s client found himself in earlier this year when his close friend refused to pay for medical bills caused when his pit bull spontaneously attacked him.

Frustrated by repeated attempts to work out an arrangement with the dogs owner, no longer a friend, the victim had no choice but to hire an attorney. After requesting and reading Bob’s FREE book,  What to Do When The Dog Bites”, the victim hired The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens to obtain reimbursement for his medical bills however, after the dog owner refused to pay for any medical bills and hired his own attorney in an effort to shift the blame to the plaintiff, Attorney Edens had no choice but to take the matter to trial and let a jury decide.

In the end, not only was the owner responsible for the medical bills, because the dog had a history of aggression that he tried to hide from the plaintiff, he was now liable for monetary damages much higher then originally sought. After hearing all the evidence in the 4 day trial the jury decided that Bob’s client was entitled to $77,000 in total damages.

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