Passenger Injured When Drunk Driver Causes Accident

Passenger Injured When Drunk Driver Causes Accident

Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: January 2011

County: Cook

Plaintiff Dr. Rajakumari Selvaraj (Ophthalmologist) and Dr. Mohamed Adenwalla (Ophthalmologist) Plaintiff’s Expert: Dr. James Bryant (Pathologist)

Summary: Plaintiff was a passenger in car when the driver ran into a guardrail. Plaintiff had her cell phone in her hand when the crash occurred. When the air bags deployed it caused her cell phone to leave a large cut in right eyelid and the inside of her right eye/retina ripped requiring surgery and resulting in a permanent blind spot in her right eye. The driver of the car had a blood alcohol content of .17. Plaintiff sued the last night club that she and the driver were at. Defense contended that Plaintiff traveled to and drank with the driver of the car for a significant amount of time before going to the second nightclub where they only consumed two drinks each. Plaintiff previously received driver’s policy limits of $20,000.

Category: Car Accidents, Dram Shop, DUI Accidents

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