Mother Dies After Birth Of Twins

Mother Dies After Birth Of Twins

Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: December 2010

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. Marion Verp (Ob/Gyn), Dr. Summer Dewdney (Ob/Gyn), Dr. Eileen Wang (Perinatologist), Caryn Reid, A.P.N. (Nurse, Obstetric), Dr. Stuart Slaw (Ob/Gyn) and Dr. Terrence Harper (Pathologist)

PLTF Experts: Dr. Daniel W. Skupski (Perinatologist)

DEF Medical: Dr. Mahmoud Ismail (Perinatologist) and Dr. Deborah Karp (Ob/Gyn)

DEF Experts: Dr. Harold Fox (Perinatologist) and Dr. Aaron B. Waxman (Pulmonologist)

Summary: Tamika Johnson was under the care of a high risk obstetrics clinic due to her pregnancy with twins and a history of 2 prior C-sections. She was hospitalized for 6 days and place on bed rest due to preterm contractions. She was seen several times as an outpatient after her discharge. Eventually, Tamika was admitted to hospital in labor and a C-section was successfully performed. While she was in the recovery room she suddenly became unresponsive. An autopsy showed a massive saddle pulmonary embolus. The estate contended that deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis should have been started when she was hospitalized previously because of her multiple risk factors. The defense asserted that she was not on strict bed rest and that only patients with a prior history of clots or thrombophilia required DVT prophylaxis.

Category: Medical Malpractice

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