Lack Of Cardiac Monitoring Blamed For Death

Lack Of Cardiac Monitoring Blamed For Death

Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: August 2010

County: Lake

DEF Medical: Dr. Robert J. Koch, D.O. (Cardiologist), Dr. Fahd Jajeh (Cardiologist), Dr. Mira Kupisek (Internist) and Dr. Michael W. Kaufman (Pathologist)

PLTF Experts: Dr. Dennis Caralis (Cardiologist) and Dr. Sheldon Schwartz (Internist)

DEF Experts: Dr. Avery Hart (Internist) and Dr. Joseph V. Messer (Cardiologist)

Summary: Mr. Alevras, who had a long history of hospitalizations for severe coronary artery disease, was brought to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital on a general medical floor. Defendant internist was notified of his condition several times but allegedly failed to properly respond to his condition. Mr. Alevras suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and died. The estate contended that the internist was negligent for failing to order the patient be transferred to the cardiac intensive care unit and that if monitoring had been ordered, Mr. Alevras would have survived. Defense denied negligence and claimed that Mr. Alevras’ death was not preventable.

Category: Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

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