Ingleside, IL Personal Injury Attorney – Water Main Break Causing Icy Crash

Ingleside, IL Personal Injury Attorney – Water Main Break Causing Icy Crash

Head OnPlaintiff was driving southwest in Dixon Illinois when Defendant Levan’s vehicle came into her lane sliding sideways causing her to collide with the passenger side of Defendant’s pickup truck.  Plaintiff sustained a comminuted tibial plateau fracture and was airlifted to St. Anthony Hospital in Rockford where she underwent open reduction internal fixation surgery.  She developed deep vein thrombosis and cellulitis, necessitating hardware removal.  She will need future knee replacement surgery.  Defendant Levan admitted negligence at trial but contended ice on the road from a water main break caused his vehicle to slide sideways and filed suit against and sought contribution from the City of Dixon.  Defendant Levan was intoxicated at the time of the collision.  The City of Dixon was aware of a rash of water main breaks in the area prior to the occurrence and subsequently replaced the water main pipes.  Defendant Levan’s insurer offered his $100,000 policy before the Plaintiff’s lawsuit was filed.  Plaintiff agreed to limit any recovery against Levan to that policy limit and proceed to trial to get the City of Dixon involved as a joint and several party.

Verdict:  $585,124 ($150,000 past pain & suffering; $83,500 Future pain & Suffering; $60,000 disability; $5,000 disfigurement; $212,519 past medical expenses; $64,105 future medical expenses; $10,000 lost income)

Category: Car Accidents, Fractures, Tears, and Dislocations, Knee Injuries, Repair and Replacement, Street Hazard

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