Infection After Bilateral Knee Replacement

Infection After Bilateral Knee Replacement

Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: January 2011

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. John Ratliff (Neurosurgeon), Dr. Bruce Goldenberg (Internist) and Udayan Banerjee (Physical Therapist)

PLTF Experts: Dr. Raymond Vance ( Orthopedist) and Dr. Stephen Hosea (Infectious Disease)

DEF Experts: Dr. Rodney O. Swan (Orthopedist) and Dr. Joseph R. Lentino (Infectious Disease)

Summary: Plaintiff had staged bilateral knee replacements. During postop checkup after second operation, Dr. Hoffman failed to remove one the staples from incision. When Plaintiff returned a month later there was a 20 x 10 cm area of localized cellulitis and pus could be expressed. It was then discovered that the infection had spread to both of the knee prostheses. Plaintiff eventually underwent second replacements. Plaintiff asserted that defendant was negligent in failing to remove one of the staples and that the infections were caused because of this. Defense countered that one staple did not cause the infectious sequellae and that the cause was actually the prosthesis used.

Category: Knee Injuries, Repair and Replacement, Medical Malpractice

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