Fatal Aortic Rupture After Bypass Surgery

Fatal Aortic Rupture After Bypass Surgery

Verdict: Not Guilty

Date: January 2011

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. John Dainauskas (Pathologist)

PLTF Experts: Dr. Irvin B. Krukenkamp (Cardiovascular Surgeon)

DEF Medical: Dr. William H. Warren (Thoracic Surgeon), Dr. Ramesh Chablani (Cardiologist) and Stacie Ward, R.N. (Nursing)

DEF Experts: Dr. Dryan K. Foy (Cardiovascular Surgeon) Dr. Kim Allen Eagle (Cardiologist) and Dr. David Pitrak (Infectious Disease)

Summary: Defendant surgeon performed 4-vessel coronary bypass surgery on patient. Three weeks later, patient developed a high fever and a dissection of the ascending aorta. The surgeon planned a repair of the aorta after the fever and presumed infection was cleared up. Patient died before the surgery could be performed. Defense asserted that postponing the surgery was necessary because operating in the presence of an infection was a 50% to 100% mortality while a rupture of the dissection was 1%.

Category: Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

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