Defendant Ran Red Light While On Cell Phone

Defendant Ran Red Light While On Cell Phone

Verdict: $170,754

Date: February 2011

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. David Lerner (Internist) Dr. Egon Doppenberg (Neurosurgeon)

Summary: Plaintiff was proceeding on a green light through an intersection when Defendant ran a red light while on her cell phone and entered the intersection. Plaintiff was able to stop in time to avoid hitting the Defendant. However, the Plaintiff was rear-ended by the driver behind her and pushed into the Defendant’s car. Plaintiff suffered a disc protrusion and aggravation of pre-existing degenerative disc disease in her lumbar spine requiring physical therapy and an epidural steroid injection. Surgery was recommended six years after the occurrence. The defense disputed the causation and extent of Plaintiff’s injuries.

Category: Car Accidents, Low Back Injuries

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