Collision Between Scooter and Car Caused Closed Head Injury

Collision Between Scooter and Car Caused Closed Head Injury

Verdict: $270,733 after 35% off County: Cook

Date: March 2011

PLTF Medical: Dr. Onur Melen (Neuro-ophthalmologist) and Dr. Thomas Mizen (Neuro-ophthalmologist)

DEF Experts: Dr. Walter M. Jay (Neuro-ophthalmologist) and Dr. Richard Tuttle (Rehab/Physical Medicine)

Summary: Plaintiff was operating a scooter when the Defendant pulled out from a stop sign in front of her, causing her to collide with Defendant’s car. Plaintiff did not have a stop sign. Plaintiff was thrown from her scooter and struck the back of her head on the pavement. Plaintiff sustained a subdural hematoma, closed head injury, and permanent brain injury with a visual field defect know as homonymous quadrantanopia scotoma, which caused a blind spot of approximately 5% in her field of vision. These injuries were undisputed. After missing six months of work, Plaintiff returned to work and was forced to transfer to a less critical position with less reading due to her vision impairment. Plaintiff was unhappy with this position and eventually resigned. Plaintiff also claimed the collision caused neck and upper back injuries and chronic headaches. Defendant contended that the cars parked along the side of the road obstructed her

Category: Car Accidents, Traumatic Brain Injuries

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