90-Year Old Driver Admits Negligence

90-Year Old Driver Admits Negligence

Verdict: $11,753

Date: December 2010

County: Cook

PLTF Medical: Dr. M. Samer Kholoki (Internist)

Summary: Defendant made a left turn in front of Plaintiff causing a collision. Plaintiff claimed the impact caused abdominal abrasions, chest wall pain, finger laceration, three bulging discs at L3-S1, L4-5 stenosis, spondylolisthesis, facet hypertrophy, L-5 radiculopathy, lumbosacral strain, aggravation of pre-existing asymptomatic degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine, chronic discogenic and myofascial pain, and numerous steroid and facet injections. Defense admitted negligence but contested the extent of Plaintiff’s injuries and damages.

Category: Car Accidents, Low Back Injuries

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