Bus Driver Requirements in Illinois and Compensations for Accidents

Bus Driver Requirements in Illinois and Compensations for Accidents

Personal Injury AttorneyWhether you take the bus to work or to school, according to state law, all common carriers must maintain the highest degree of care during transportation. All bus drivers must have a driver’s license, which is specifically for the operation of commercial vehicles.

Also, drivers who drive school buses have to fulfill the following requirements to be deemed eligible:

  • They must be at least 21 years of age
  • They need to complete their training via a certificate course for bus drivers
  • They must pass a medical exam, which will determine if they have any health concerns that can compromise their ability to drive safely
  • Pass a criminal background check

Compensation for a Bus Accident Case

A collision with a bus may leave you with life threatening injuries. Broken bones may be the least of your concerns – especially if the accident leaves you paralyzed. If that happens, you will lose your source of income as you remain bedridden for months and money you have saved will quickly deplete as your medical bills pile up.

If your injuries are serious enough to result in this scenario, you can file a lawsuit against the bus’s insurance carrier and ask for compensation. Besides your injuries, the insurance company will also have to pay for emotional trauma and physical pain you have suffered. If the driver’s negligence caused the accident, you can also file for punitive damages.

Gross negligence is often the main cause of bus accidents in Illinois. For more than two decades, Robert T. Edens has been fighting for accident victims and helping them recover millions in damages from negligent carriers. After contacting Bob, he will:

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  • Outline legal options for your case
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This also includes a clear and honest fee structure based on legal requirements and documentation surrounding your case. Do the smart thing and get aggressive legal representation that will ensure you get the amount you deserve. We currently serve victims in Chicago, Libertyville, Woodstock, Waukegan and Antioch, IL.

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