Avoiding Mistakes After an Auto Accident Maximizes Your Insurance Claim

Avoiding Mistakes After an Auto Accident Maximizes Your Insurance Claim

Auto Accident AttorneyAuto accidents in Illinois are often unexpected and costly. Although you can never truly prepare for the unexpected, you can avoid the common mistakes that people make after the accident. These mistakes are what causes people to lose money on their insurance claim and settle with a lower compensation for their time and monetary loss that occurred due to the car accident. Here are some common mistakes that you must avoid:

Not Calling Police

An accident may not appear to be dangerous and the other motorist may tell you that they have you covered for the loss. This should never deter you from calling the police and ensuring that the accident is properly recorded by the local sheriff’s department. The police often collect evidence on site after an accident. Your auto accident lawyer can then obtain this evidence to ensure that you can maximize your insurance claim and not get affected by insurance adjusters that often put the blame on you.

Not Obtaining Evidence

You can obtain some necessary evidence if you are in an auto accident. Taking pictures of the accident scene and the involved cars will allow you to equip yourself with the knowledge that you need to beat the insurance adjuster who will always come with a low number to pay you the minimum amount for the accident. You can take pictures using your phone and save the contact numbers of witnesses. This will ensure that you have the right tools for maximizing your insurance claim.

No Medical Checkup

If you have suffered even a minor injury due to the accident, it is important to get medical help and ensure that your injuries are on the record. It is common to suffer cuts and bruises in auto accidents that can stop you from working in a normal manner. Remember, insurance companies do not believe your word for sustaining injuries. They will only pay the required compensation if you can show proof that you received treatment for your injuries.

Not Asking for Insurance Information

You should obtain the insurance information of the other driver involved in the accident. Check if the insurance is valid. If it has expired, never believe that they have a recent card at home, as chances are that they are driving without insurance. Recording these details will ensure that you do not have to pay for all the repairs and the medical bills, when they need to be paid by the insurance of the other driver.

No Legal Help

The biggest mistake that you can make is not hiring an auto accident lawyer. This can cause you to be intimidated by experienced insurance adjusters who are quick to find faults with you and your documentation to ensure that the company only pays you the minimum possible amount for your loss in an accident.

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