Auto Collision with a Police Car

Auto Collision with a Police Car

Auto Accident AttorneyIn many instances, police officers can face distractions while driving a car that may lead to an accident. A police car is equipped with many devices such as GPS, laptops and scanners. Moreover, they are required to constantly communicate and remain active with police dispatch. Therefore, it is possible that these activities and responsibilities could cause a distraction, leading to an accident.

Furthermore, high speed car chases exponentially increase the likelihood of a collision for a police car. An analysis by USA Today shows that more than 5,000 car passengers and bystanders have become a victim of an accident that was caused due to police car chases since 1979. Also, tens of thousands of people suffered injuries when officers pursued suspects and criminals in a high speed chase.

Can You Hold Police Drivers Liable for an Auto Accident?

In an event where a car accident happened due to negligence or carelessness of a police officer, they can be held liable for damages caused like any other citizen. Despite the fact that they are a federal employee, they are obliged to follow the same rules of the road that are expected to be followed by a civilian driver. Especially in a high speed car chase, police officers should consider public safety as their top priority.

It is recommended that if a person becomes injured in a collision with a police car, they should immediately seek legal counsel after assessing their injuries and obtaining adequate treatment as timing can be extremely crucial for their case. Moreover, police should also be called at the scene of incident so that a formal report filing process can be performed. Photographs of evidence surrounding the accident site should be captured to be presented in court.

That being said, determining fault and establishing liability can be extremely difficult and tricky in most cases. Police officers generally have strong legal representation and personal connections with government officials. Moreover, they may also have a resolute support from law enforcement agencies. Consequently, it can be overwhelming for an individual to fight against the system and institute a liability against a police officer.

Therefore, if you become a victim of a police car accident, it can be highly beneficial for your case to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer to seek justice and rightful compensation for your injuries and suffering. A competent attorney will have comprehensive knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to your jurisdiction, which will allow them to devise a strong and compelling case in your favor.

Moreover, a seasoned auto accident lawyer will be able to extract information, compile evidence, and prepare witnesses, which is crucial to establish a liability to seek rightful compensation for damages. Lastly, they will ensure that your legal rights and best interests are protected during the trial.

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