Auto Accidents: Multiple Car Pile Up

Auto Accidents: Multiple Car Pile Up

Auto Accident AttorneyLast month, an accident happened near Illinois Route 143 exit, resulting in multiple car pileups. The Illinois State Police Department stated that three people sustained multiple serious injuries in this tragic event. Unfortunately, this is not a first serious car accident in this state. Illinois Department of Transportation statistics show that 541 crashes have taken place in Illinois since the start of 2018, which is an alarming figure.

Causes of Multi-Car Pile-Up

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that multi-car pileups contribute to around 40% of the total car accidents. There can be several reasons which can result in multiple collisions; however, most common causes include poor visibility due to bad weather condition and negligent driving such as driving recklessly, aggressively or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A driver who is not paying attention to the road is at a greater risk of being involved in multi-car pile-ups, particularly when there is a high density of traffic on road.

Who can be held liable?

It can be difficult to assign responsibility in a multi-car collision than a single-vehicle accident as multiple parties are involved in multi-car collision. There is a possibility that initial crash may clearly have been caused by one person, but collisions following this crash may have resulted due to other driver’s negligence.

In some cases, vehicle manufacturers may also share a liability if a faulty part of the car contributed to the accident. Moreover, government agencies can also be held accountable if collisions resulted due to poor maintenance of the road. It is very common for multiple parties to be held liable for multiple car pile-up accidents.

How can an auto accident lawyer help?

Multiple car pile-ups can result in severe consequences as it can be an extremely painful experience for a person who sustained injuries as well as their family. If you become a victim of a multi-vehicle collision, it can be highly beneficial for you to consult an experienced auto accident lawyer. A professional and skillful attorney will help you to establish liability against the party at fault. He may collect evidence by conducting a thorough investigation such as interviewing witnesses, calculating points of impact, and reconstructing the scene of the incident. Moreover, an auto accident lawyer will ensure that you obtain maximum amount of compensation for your pain and suffering caused by the accident.

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