Auto Accidents: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Auto Accidents: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Auto Accident AttorneyWhen it comes to initiating a legal claim, there are a multitude of complexities attached to a case, especially when it comes to auto accidents. It is not uncommon for an individual to unintentionally make mistakes that may weaken their injury claim and adversely impact the amount of compensation that they are rightfully entitled to obtain. Here are the 3 most common mistakes people make after an auto accident which may prove detrimental for their personal injury claims:

Delaying in Seeking Medical Care

If you become a victim of an auto accident, it is critical that you seek immediate medical attention as not doing so can present several problems during the case. For instance, the insurance company may argue that your injuries must have not been as severe as you were able to wait so long to obtain medical care. Moreover, if the delay is substantial, say more than 2-3 days, the insurance provider may also argue that the accident was not the causation of your injuries.

If you have procured services of an experienced auto accident lawyer, they will help you to prove that the injuries that you sustained were caused due to the accident. However, delaying the medical treatment will allow the insurance provider to reduce the amount of compensation that they are obliged to pay in respect of your accident.

Not Contacting the Police

The next thing that you should do immediately after an auto accident (after checking that you have not sustained serious injuries) is to call 911 and contact the police. A police officer writes an official police report, which entails critical information regarding the incident that can be crucial to your claim. Having a police at the scene of the incident helps in preserving the evidence related to the accident, which may play a significant role in the determination of the decision of the case.

The police officers might also take photographs of the accident which may help your auto accident lawyer to prove the negligence of the defendant and help you obtain maximum compensation for your loss and sufferings.

Signing any Document or Giving a Recorded Statement

An individual is usually confused and perplexed after an accident, thus the insurance company of the defendant party may contact you immediately and try to take advantage of the situation by asking you to record a statement or requesting your signature on a document. Always refrain from making any comments or signing any document without consulting your auto accident lawyer as the insurance company could attempt to use it against you.

Learn that you are under no obligation to provide a statement or sign any document after an auto accident, thus under no circumstances, you must oblige to their request without discussing the matters with an attorney.

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