Auto Accident Pictures Are Better Than 1,000 Words

Auto Accident Pictures Are Better Than 1,000 Words

auto accidentWhen you are involved in an auto accident, the furthest thing from your mind are the steps you should take soon after. Even if you are not injured, your mind will be in a daze. However, if your phone is nearby, the first thing you should do is take as many pictures of the scene as soon as possible.

This is an important step since those pictures will become critical when you are trying to recover damages in an injury claim. An auto accident lawyer in Grayslake can help you gather more evidence, but pictures on the other hand can speak a thousand words more.

The Importance of Auto Accident Photos

The first thing you need to know about car accident claims is that not all insurance companies are very cooperative. They will do their level best to pay you as little as possible if it means they can save money.

That is what insurance adjusters do. They will use anything to dispute your allegations, challenge your medical evaluation and even blame you for the accident. Their aim is to create their own narrative that can replace the actual events of the accident so as to reduce your claim.

Photographs are hard and indisputable evidence that can stop them in their tracks. Cameras don’t lie after all so you can use those pictures as pure evidence. Some other benefits you can get include the following:

  • Help your auto accident lawyer in Grayslake investigate the accident and prepare your claim correctly.
  • Aid medical witnesses and doctors understand exactly what happened during the accident.
  • Recall events when your mind is in a fog after the accident.
  • Preserving evidence. The pictures won’t change when your car undergoes repairs and you heal from your injuries.
  • Persuading the jury about the authenticity of your case if your claim is being denied.

The bottom line is that pictures speak more than words and witnesses can.

Taking Auto Accident Photos

As mentioned before, during the car accident, you will be in a daze since your body will be jacked up on adrenaline. Common sense will vanish for a while which is why most accident victims forget important details about the accident later.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, look up how to take accident pictures so that the information remains top of mind. That way, when you do get into an accident, you may be aware enough to start snapping pictures immediately. The more you rehearse the scenario in your mind, the more prepared you will be if the moment comes.

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