As Weather Warms Heed These Swimming Safety Tips

As Weather Warms Heed These Swimming Safety Tips

The weather in Illinois is growing warmer, and pools will be open soon. Unfortunately, there are many avoidable swimming injuries and deaths annually. If you remember the following swimming safety tips, you and your loved ones can stay safe. But if you were hurt in a swimming accident caused by another person or entity, contact our Lake County personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Robert T. Edens today.

Check If There Is A Lifeguard On Duty

You may want to take a swim at a beach on Lake Michigan, Fox River, Wolf Lake, or another nearby body of water. It sounds fun, but remember to check if a lifeguard is on duty at the beach during your visit. The chances of severe injury or death are always higher when lifeguards are absent.

Also, consider going to the pool instead; seeing a struggling swimmer in a pool is usually easier than in open water. Also, the pool has clear depth markers, so swimmers are less likely to get into trouble. Finally, while swimming in a pool with a lifeguard is not foolproof, it reduces the chances of the myriad factors contributing to drownings in open water, including drop-offs, waves, and currents.

Always Have Adults Present

Any time children are swimming, there must always be adults actively supervising them. Never just drop your children off at the pool because that is how accidents happen. When you watch your kids at the pool, always keep an eye on them, too; do not be distracted by conversations or cell phones.

Never Dive

You should not dive into a pool or body, or water, no matter how deep you think it is. The risk of severe head and neck injuries is too high. Also, if you are on open water, the depth could be shallower than you think because of tides and currents.

Always Have Life Jackets On Open Water

It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced swimmer, everyone should always have life jackets available. In addition, experts usually recommend life jackets for anyone who is under 13 when they are on open water.

Use The Buddy System

No one should ever swim alone. Unfortunately, even the best swimmers sometimes run into medical problems or unforeseen weather conditions. So always swim with a buddy, even at a local pool in Chicago with a lifeguard present.

Do Not Rely On Water Wings For Children

Parents should remember that water wings are fun for children, but they are never a replacement for a life vest. Water wings are just toys and are not designed to prevent drowning. Only use floatable toys when swimming with those who can stay safe in the water without them. Also, never leave children unattended when swimming, especially with water toys when not wearing a lifejacket.

Keeping these swimming safety tips at the top of your mind can help to avoid tragedies. But if you were hurt while swimming and someone else was responsible.

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