Are Your Loved Ones A Victim Of Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse?

Are Your Loved Ones A Victim Of Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse?

Nursing Home Negligence AttorneyElders are usually sent to live in nursing homes if they are too old to live alone, can no longer take care of themselves, there is no one available to take care of them or if their families can’t afford to hire a private nurse to look after them. However, is it safe to send your parents or grandparents to live in nursing homes?

Nursing home abuse and neglect are not uncommon despite the strict measures being taken by the government, activists and families of the patients. We don’t mean that every nursing home is unsafe, careless and abusive, however, you need to monitor the behavior and signs of possible abuse and neglect, just in case.

Who are easy targets for nursing home abuse and neglect?

While there is no particular profile as to what kind of people might be the target of nursing home abuse or neglect, there are some elders who are much easier targets than others, for example:

  • People with dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders and diseases
  • Elders who don’t have regular visitors or living relatives

What are the signs of nursing home neglect?

You can’t hire a nursing home neglect lawyer or medical malpractice lawyer just on a hunch. You need to identify the signs of nursing home neglect abuse and then take action accordingly.

  • Unusual bleeding, bruising, abrasions and burns
  • Open or unattended wounds, cuts and bed sores
  • Frequent infections
  • Poor hygiene, soiled clothes, smells and stained bedding
  • The disappearance of the patient’s personal items
  • Unusual financial transactions and withdrawals

When can nursing home neglect be considered medical malpractice?

Nursing house neglect may often times include medical malpractice as well; and if you plan to sue the nursing home for their careless behavior and negligence then you must know the true extent of the issue, which might also include the medical malpractice.

Errors in giving patients the right prescription drug (incorrect quantity, timing, etc.), having a poorly trained staff to deal with medical emergencies, misusing medical restraints, unsanitary conditions, dirty equipment, patients suffering from malnutrition, not monitoring the patients’ health, failing to report their complaints and medical issues to a doctor, all fall under the category of medical malpractice.

Relatives, friends and loved ones of anyone admitted to a nursing home needs to look out for these signs of neglect and abuse. If any of these signs are present then you immediately need to hire a nursing home negligence lawyer or medical malpractice lawyer.

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