Antioch, Illinois Personal Injury Attorney Warns Clients About the Use of Settlement Calculators by Insurance Companies

Settlement Calculators Are Used By Insurance Companies to Support What They Think Your Case is Worth

Be warned, settlement calculators are designed by insurance companies to influence what they want you to believe your case is actually worth. The insurance companies know the first place people go to research anything these days is online. Therefore they go to great lengths to ensure that one of the first things you will find is a settlement calculator. These are cleverly crafted websites or online advertising pages disguised as helpful tools “to identify what your injuries are worth.” The problem with this is obvious; it is completely biased in favor of the insurance companies. Below is a statement similar to one you might find on an actual insurance company’s website.

This structured settlement calculator will help
you add everything up and provide you with your claim amount quickly so you can get paid and get caught up on all of your bills. Just click on the structured settlement calculator, enter your claim number and the Settlement Wizard will walk you through the process. When you are through answering the questions click submit and your information will be forwarded to our payout department and your check will be on its way within 48 hours.

Sound too good to be true……………well it is. By submitting your information and clicking the box marked “terms and conditions” you have just accepted this settlement amount and will be forever barred from collecting any more money for your accident and injuries.

The insurance companies know that injured people often need money to support their families, pay their rent, transportation costs, doctor’s bills, and so on, and so on. Often victims fall prey to the pressures from the loss of income and the insurance companies prey on this factor.

Don’t be victimized a second time by the insurance company. Attorneys very often offer a free consultation and an honest, experienced lawyer will be very candid about what your case is worth. I highly recommend you take advantage of this service, either by myself or another attorney whose practice is focused on personal injury and has handled your specific type of injury.

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