5 Common Mistakes People Make When Involved in an Auto Accident

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Involved in an Auto Accident

Auto aAuto Accident Attorneyccidents are a common occurrence due to number of vehicles on the roads driven by unruly and inept drivers. Over 2.3 million people are injured or severely disfigured due to auto accidents in the U.S. alone. In most instances, people are uninformed and do not know what to do while dealing with auto accidents they have been involved in. Because of this, people make mistakes which further complicates or worsens the situation.

Here are 5 common mistakes people tend to make in the aftermath of an auto accident:


Failing to inform the authorities

– the very first thing you should do after being involved in a car crash is to call the police and emergency services. The presence of police helps in testifying the actual events which lead to the accident and proper documentation of the injury and damages sustained by you are recorded by the police. These documents are extremely vital if you are going to file a lawsuit to seek compensation. Failure to call the police weakens your claim from the very beginning.


Confessing or admitting fault

– in the heat of the moment and the confusion that ensues in the aftermath of an accident, people tend to admit their fault even if they aren’t actually to blame for the accident. A simple apology can be used against you when you file a claim for compensation for the damages to your car or the injuries you might have sustained.


Failing to exchange contact or insurance information

– in most circumstances, people tend to overlook the importance of acquiring insurance information from the other people involved in the accident. It is extremely important to get the contact details of the person and vehicle information. This information plays a vital role in personal injury claims and without it, you won’t have a case at all.


Taking too long to file a claim

– it is extremely important to file a claim right after the accident. Once the time has passed, it may become difficult to establish the facts of the case to substantiate your claim. Furthermore, if you wait too long the statute of limitations might run out barring you from filing a claim at all.


Not consulting an auto accident lawyer

– people often underestimate the value of legal advice.Most personal injury lawyers offer free advice which helps you can determine whether you need to hire a lawyer or not.

Avoid making these mistakes to ensure that you have a valid claim if you are involved in an auto accident. If you wish to find out more about this topic or schedule a free consultation, contact the offices of Robert Edens right away at (847) 395-2200 to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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