3 Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety During Car Rides

3 Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety During Car Rides

Dog’s Anxiety During Car RidesDoes your beloved dog get scared and anxious during car rides? Does he refuse to settle down and stop barking no matter what you do? If the behavior is not corrected, it can cause an accident on the highway. While there are no laws in Illinois that dictate the manner in which a pet should occupy a car, you will be held liable for accidents if they cause one while you are driving.

Here are some ways you can calm your dog and make them settle down during a drive or a trip to the vet or while on vacation.

Allow Your Dog to Get Used to Your Vehicle

Giving your dog treats while you bring them near the car can create a positive association with your vehicle because they are associating it with treats. Plus, make them accustomed to rides by taking short trips with you dog around the block – gradually increase the distance. Give more treats along the way so your pooch can remain distracted throughout the trip. This will go a long way in easing their anxiety.

Tire Out Your Pooch

If your pet is full of nervous energy before a car drive, keeping your eye on the road will be the last thing on your mind. Take time to exercise your canine before the get into your vehicle by playing catch or taking them for a long walk. This activity will tire them out and they should remain calm and sleepy during the ride.

Bring A Source of Comfort Along for The Ride

If your dog loves a particular toy or a blanket, bring it on the trip with you. Your pet will probably curl up with it to get some comfort when they start to feel anxious during the drive. These small comforts can ease their stress but if they don’t, consider leaving your pet behind unless – you need to take him to the vet. In that case, try out the other tips in this guide.

These tips can give you a good head start in training your dog to remain calm and stress free during a car ride. An overzealous pooch can cause a road accident, which you will be held liable for. You are the one behind the wheel, after all.

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