3 Psychological Aspects that Influence the Successful Claim of Auto Accidents

3 Psychological Aspects that Influence the Successful Claim of Auto Accidents

Auto Accident AttorneyThe claims for auto accidents are carefully interrogated and assessed. The police and jury will not only keep a check on the reports but they will also compare your statements with your actions. Your negligent behavior or constantly changing statements may put you in serious trouble. Here are the three most important psychological aspects that can strongly influence the success of your claim.

Consistency of the Incident Explanation

During interrogations, your opponent would have given statements that are somewhat or entirely different from your statements. Sometimes, more than one or two vehicles and persons are present on the spot. The interrogators will repeatedly ask you about a vehicle coming from the left side or the vehicle following you. You may need to describe the incident from different angles. The interrogators mostly ask about the following elements present on the incident site.

  • First responders – these may include police, medical service, Mayday, or someone else
  • Other drivers or passengers present in your vehicle
  • Other drivers or passengers present in the vehicle of the other person
  • Other vehicles or passerby on the incident site

The interrogators will collect your statements given to other relevant institutions. These include:

  • The insurer’s adjuster of the defender
  • Nurses and doctors, who attended you right after the auto accident
  • Your insurance company
  • The jury
  • Your physician

The interrogations will continue if the statements, given to similar or different institutions, conflict. Otherwise, the interrogators will submit the statement to the jury.

Doctor’s Opinion in Respect to Your Medical Conditions

Medical claim is the easiest to submit and settle for. However, it is also the most carefully observed unit in a claim. The defense attorneys will carefully compare your medical bills with the doctor’s opinion. The attorneys will inquire the doctors about your pain, suffering, and damage. Sometimes, the attorneys inquire about the medical history of the victim, especially if the victim files claim after many days or months past the incident.

Comparison of Complains and Actions/Lifestyle

The defense attorney will compare your medical conditions and complaints with your lifestyle. Your actions would be carefully watched, even when you are unaware of it. For example, if the doctor says that the victim should not lift more than 20 pounds of weight, but the victim conveniently lifts 20+ pounds, then the action will surely be caught by the defense attorney. Defense attorney may also submit a video of that person lifting heavy weights. Sometimes, the defense attorney compares the actions and statements in the court also. Similarly, if the person claims fracture in an arm but easily lifts an object, the claimer may lose thousands of dollars in settlement.

It is important to be honest and fair with your attorney. Inconsistency in statements and actions occurs when the victim is unfair.

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